New Year Blues

Another year older, and deeper in debt/ Another year older, and deeper in debt.  New Year coming be the worst one yet.

“Would it kill you to wish me a happy New Year?” I asked Memphis Earlene.

She rolled her eyes upward, a look of scorn and forbearance.  “A Blues woman never says ‘Have a Nice Day’ and no exception for January 1,” she said. ” Holidays are occasions for the Blues, in particular that left out feeling.  Everyone having fun but you.  Everyone getting presents  but you.  All that family stuff. Blues material.”

“I’m low on blues material,” I said. “We got a lava lamp for Christmas, and lots of chocolate.  Maybe happiness is my new normal. ”

“In an election year? Don’t count on it,” she says.

2 Responses to New Year Blues

  1. easearle says:

    Lava lamps rule! Happy end-of-holidaze to you!

  2. easearle says:

    So true about the election year, Earlene– i think Newt G. is going to steal SC–

    Talk about the blues!

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