The Yemen Blues

Stuck in France and I got the Yemen blues
Stuck inside of France and I got those Yemen Blues.
Think I’ll go on e-bay, buy some half-price Jimmy Choos.

Memphis Earlene gets the blues whenever Yemen makes the news, which is often these days, because the news is seldom good. Yemen is another place where they use old time religion as the excuse to treat women like second class citizens, but they made an exception for Memphis Earlene.

Yemen is drier than South France and has a longer history of civilization. They ‘ve known how to get the most out of sparse rainfall for millennia.
“It’s the poorest country on the Arabian peninsula and the most populated. Should be the other way around”

“Yemen used to be the richest country on the Arabian peninsula,” I tell Memphis Earlene. “But then they stopped maintaining their infrastructure.”

“Sounds familiar,” says Memphis Earlene.

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