You Can’t Have the Blues in French, Part 4

If you ask for water and Baby gives you gasoline, it’s the blues. Other blues beverages are Irish whiskey and Muddy water.
Memphis Earlene drinks Irish whiskey and wants me to buy some.
We’re still in France.
“Not till we get home,” I tell her.
We’re in the super-market, which is like Harris Teeter + Dean&DeLucca,only better. I’ve developed a taste for supermarket Armagnac as well Pecon, an aperitif that tastes like a distant ancestor of coca-cola when mixed with beer.
Blues women do not drink aperitifs.
Memphis Earlene says there’s no such thing as a blues beverage that is made in France.
“Not even cheap wine?”
“French wine tastes too good to be cheap,” she says.
According to Memphis Earlene cheap wine tastes nasty and comes from Upstate New York.French wine is merely inexpensive

1 Response to You Can’t Have the Blues in French, Part 4

  1. easearle says:

    Your posts make me want to head to France, Memphis!

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