Fixin’ to Die Blues


    Memphis Earlene says she’s been fixin’ to die ever since she was born.  Fixin’ to die is an important part of the blues lifestyle.

“You should try it sometime,” she says.

” I’m determined to outlive the Regime and dance on its grave, thank you,” I tell her.

” You could die of natural causes any minute no matter who’s president,” she says.

Is Fixin’ to Die anything like Swedish Death Cleaning?    I’m always looking for new ways to channel anxiety and avoid writing without feeling guilty for being a slacker.  Nothing focusses the easily-agitated monkey mind  like cleaning out file cabinets.

“Blues women don’t own filing cabinets,” says Memphis Earlene “Fixin’ to die is about the state of your soul so you don’t die  thinking you got put in the wrong life.”

Accept that some things will never be put right in your lifetime.

Count on karma and nemesis to settle the scores that you can’t.

Value each day because it could be the last.

Fixin to Die

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2 Responses to Fixin’ to Die Blues

  1. wrennlaw says:

    Love me some Memphis Earlene! Thank you, Judith, for your brilliance and humanity.


  2. I need a bout of non-filing says one friend to a woman who worked at the IRS! 😉 Nice to have you back!


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