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Cannibis Candyman Blues

Poor Maureen Dowd, but how could she have known?        She hadn’t spent the early Eighties being a weekend hippie like I did.   But smoking is so hard on the lungs if you inhale. Walter White, meet Betty Crocker. … Continue reading

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Blues Entitlement

 Yes, there’s a difference between the blues and plain old self-pity.    You have the right to sing the blues if you work for Wal-mart. You have a right to sing the blues if you ain’t got no home in this … Continue reading

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Savage Homecoming

Memphis Earlene and I got bumped up to Business class on the flight home from France. Unlike me she’s hard to impress. “Yeah, the seats are bigger, the drinks are free, and they serve better food. But it’s still airplane … Continue reading

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