New York Times Blues

“In today’s New York Times Home section there’s a $2,340.00 desk lamp for sale at a store called Design Within Reach”, I say “Target’s Design Within Reach.   Maybe Design Within Reach is meant to be irony.”

I am quivering with moral outrage that merits larger targets than the New York Times Home Section  but the Supreme Court is out of  reach.

Memphis Earlene rolls her eyes.  Clearly not interested  but she’ll humor me.

“No one puts a gun to your head and makes you read the New York Times,” she points out.   “You still read that fat old Sunday Times every Sunday regular, like some people go to Church. “

“Bullseye,” I say because Memphis Earlene nailed it.

“You still believe it’s all the news that’s fit to print shit?” she says ” That’s like expecting the Pope to endorse birth control.”  

I have no hope for the pope, but I still have faith . Before senility sets in, I expect to complete the Sunday Crossword Puzzle. Hint: Swedish movie star in 4 letters is Elke.

Blues Kindle cover




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