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70th Birthday Blues

Most Blues begin Woke Up This Morning. Sometimes just getting out of bed and not crawling back in is a Feat of Courage and Gesture of Faith towards the Universe. Chronic depression is like being saddled with an irritating younger … Continue reading

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Election Year Blues

Iowa Caucaus Post Mortem. Memphis Earlene thinks all white guys look alike.
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Memphis Earlene Schools Me Again

There’s no place in the Blues for “My Child Didn’t Get into an Elite Pre-school.Children do not belong in the Blues. Lost my Baby in the Mall? A heartstopper if you’re the parent but it’s not the Blues. ” Don’t … Continue reading

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Those French Anti-Semitism Rioters Blues

Original name for this post was going to be Too Much News Blues, but then I saw this  headline. France’s Jews Flee As Rioters Burn Shops, Attack Synagogue ” I’d hate to add  France to the  No Fly Zone,” … Continue reading

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Xmas Blues

T’is the day before Christmas and I’ve got the blues. “No surprise there,” says Memphis Earlene. “Good times to have the Blues include all major holidays. ” Woke up this morning to the sounds of our Christmas tree falling over. … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary Blues

My blog is one year old today.  I want to celebrate with a cup cake from our neighborhood bakery, but no one’s in a festive mood. “If it was your blog it would have your name on it, not mine, … Continue reading

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Cocaine Blues.

Memphis Earlene says she’s been part of my life since High School, when Ann Mintz left her Dave van Ronk at the Folklore Center album at my house.  The first time I heard Cocaine Blues I could feel it in my … Continue reading

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Birth Control Blues Part Deux

Birth Control Blues Part Deux.

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Birth Control Blues

Memphis Earlene and I are speechless with rage these days, hence the decision to invite Scarlett Ginsburg  to write for this blog. Scarlett died of complications following a botched illegal abortion in 1956. She’s a dybbuk. Dybbuks are Jewish ghosts who haunt … Continue reading

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