Birth Control Blues

Memphis Earlene and I are speechless with rage these days, hence the decision to invite Scarlett Ginsburg  to write for this blog.

Scarlett died of complications following a botched illegal abortion in 1956. She’s a dybbuk. Dybbuks are Jewish ghosts who haunt people, not houses.  The good side of being a dybbuk is you don’t age, so are spared the risk of botched face lifts.

She’s jealous of me because I went to college in the era of Birth Control pills, back when they were cheap enough for a college girl on a small allowance.

I could afford to make mistakes without paying for them with my life.

If birth control had been readily available in  Virginia, Scarlett would be an aging superstar with a huge gay following, at least in the South.   Her idol was Tallulah Bankhead.

“What’s this was?” says Scarlett.  “I hate it when you talk about me like I’m not even there.”

Expect to hear more from Scarlett.

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1 Response to Birth Control Blues

  1. jrocklin says:

    You are all so funny. Truly enjoy your posts, and can’t wait to hear from Scarlett.

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