Birth Control Blues Part Deux

Mean reds, baby, on top of the blues

Mean reds, baby, on top of the blues

When you got the mean reds, you need the B-52’s.

“Every Sperm is Sacred just became the national anthem,” I say. “Rick Santorum isn’t kidding.  ”

Woke up this morning in a state of Feminist Rage.

“Don’t pay it no mind,”says Memphis Earlene.

Two negatives mean twice as negative in Blues English, unlike the Queen’s English where they’d cancel each other out.

Scarlett weighs in.  She’s a dybbuk, not a Blues woman.    She died of complications following a botched illegal abortion in 1956.  It was performed in a kitchen with yellow linoleum on the floor.  That’s the only detail she remembers clearly.

“Wasn’t it weird to see the B-52’s on TV? Like they suddenly got old overnight?” Scarlett says.

Dybbuks have no sense of time.  Scarlett will be 19 forever.

“The B-52’s are not old.” I remind her. “They are mature. ”

“You can’t be mature when you’re singing Love Shack,” she reminds me.

Scarlett thinks ‘mature’ is the ugliest word in the English language next to Santorum.

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