Rhymes with Lose

Memphis Earlene defends herself against charge of Blueish Self-Hatred.“The Blues don’t need special pleading.  They’re not some little kid with asthma.”

The Blues in current form are 100 years old, and they don’t need much to survive.  Three chords on a guitar and one good reason is all you need.

“Low overhead is key, if you want to survive with integrity,”says Memphis Earlene. “And If you want more than that you’re a fool.”

3 Responses to Rhymes with Lose

  1. Memphis Earlene having gone through a bottle of rose plus some calvados for a night cap has un petit hangover.

  2. If a woman never lets herself go, how will she know how far she might have got?
    Germaine Greer

  3. I’m finding out.
    Love this, just love this.

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