February Blues

Got no money but I’m wearing Gucci Shoes/ Got no money but I’m wearing Gucci Shoes./ Been to Filene’s Basement. Done shopped away the blues.

It’s the middle of February and I have the Blues. Filene’s Basement is dead and gone.    This time for real.  No comebacks planned.

“There’s always e-bay,” says Memphis Earlene, ever the pragmatist.

“E-bay is virtual shopping.  Just like Facebook is virtual hanging out, and blogging is virtual conversation,” I say.

“Something wrong with being virtual?” she asks, in that dangerous tone of voice that means Back Off.  And I usually do, but not today.

” Virtual is not the real thing,” I say. “It bears the same relation to reality that Diet Coke bears to Classic Coke. And I’m sick of it.”

Memphis Earlene suggests I go outside and hug a tree.

“There’s a cure for the February Blues, ” she tells me.  “It’s called March.”





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1 Response to February Blues

  1. Claudia says:

    Memphis Earlene— you always get it! Keep ’em coming — it makes the rest of us feel better!

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