Election Year Blues

Memphis Earlene does not understand how a young woman in her right mind would want Newt Gingrich in her bed.

” If you stuck a fork in him he’d bleed  ugly sauce. Looks like a Serbian dictator on trial for war crimes, ” she says.  “Big windbag like most politicians.”

“This is Washington,” I explain.  And then I give the Henry Kissinger quote about power being the greatest aphrodisiac.

“KIssinger got it wrong,” she says. “It’s the reverse. ”

Memphis Earlene’s idea of aphrodisiac?The Reverend Al Green’s voice or  Bill Clinton’s handshake.

We watch  President Obama channel Al Green on Youtube.

“Extended the Bush tax cuts.  The continued erosion of civil liberties in the name of national security…” I mutter.

Memphis Earlene doesn’t even try to resist.

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  1. I’m sitting at a conference table, having just finished a three hour workshop. Thank goodness I opened my computer!

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