Happy Anniversary Blues

My blog is one year old today.  I want to celebrate with a cup cake from our neighborhood bakery, but no one’s in a festive mood.

“If it was your blog it would have your name on it, not mine, ” says Memphis Earlene.

“You’ve got better name recognition, but I’m the one who does the work,” I remind her.

Memphis Earlene  shakes her head.

“Using my name is just one more instance of Jewish  people ripping off Blue-ish people.”

I’m used to Memphis Earlene pulling rank on me but this is the first time she’s ventured into the swamp of identity politics.  It is my duty as an American to make sure she doesn’t get stuck there.

“The blues are universal.  Just like literature and poetry. They were invented by black people over 100 years ago and are kept alive by people who love them. That’s how culture gets preserved,” I tell her.  “Sorry to sound like a civics lesson.”

“You go, girl,” says Scarlett, with what I hope is irony.

In addition to cupcakes, the neighborhood bakery sells maple syrup bacon flavored ice-cream sandwiches.


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7 Responses to Happy Anniversary Blues

  1. Happy Anniversary! Jewish, Blue-ish. We’re all human and we all kvetch, some of us to music. Great post!

  2. Happy Anniversary ladies! Now tell us: How did you all get along in Prague?

  3. Memphis Earlene, honey, I got your back!

    Happy anniversary to all three of you, Jewish, Blue-ish, and Scarlett!

  4. Ladies, BIG CONGRATS AND HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! It’s wonderful hearing about the Prague trip from the three of you. Judith, the drawings – especially the cat drawings – are really remarkable. This is another career for you. XOMargaret
    P.S. loved the Irish/ Prague history comparison-

  5. Congratulations my friend! I do miss you.

  6. Hello there! Because I LOVE your blog, I’ve nominated you for a Reader Appreciation Award.
    If you want to play along and spread the love, read my post (link below) for what you need to do next.


  7. I will definitely spread the love. Nothing I enjoy more than inflicting my favorites on unsuspecting public at large and playing talent scout.

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