70th Birthday Blues

Most Blues begin Woke Up This Morning. Sometimes just getting out of bed and not crawling back in is a Feat of Courage and Gesture of Faith towards the Universe.

Chronic depression is like being saddled with an irritating younger sibling for which one is responsible, or an extra ten pound back pack. That is to say manageable and something that can even build character, but not one’s first choice of companions.

Sometime you need the right drugs. Sometimes, though, the right music can save your soul. The Blues, for example. LIfe is hard, it’s not just you. Life is hard, but you’ve got company–that’s the word from First Church of the Blues.

Memphis Earlene says I’m  finally old enough and have paid sufficient dues so I could call myself a Blues woman even though I haven’t lived the traditional Blues Lifestyle .

“But don’t go bragging about it, “ she adds. “Bragging ain’t cool if it’s not a life or death situation.”

You can grow old with the Blues, at least if they don’t kill you first, and Blues Old Age is something I count on enjoying.

blue crazy





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3 Responses to 70th Birthday Blues

  1. katemahar says:

    Darling Judith, is it really your birthday today? Happy birthday, mon amie! I hope it’s an upbeat one. Please – by our wishing – make it so. I understand about chronic depression. There are weeks when I think, ha! Who needs meds? Life is GREAT! Then, inexplicably (usually), days and, if unlucky, weeks where I wonder if I need to up the dosage. Privileged white woman problem, I tell myself. Doesn’t mean it’s not as cumbersome as that irritating extra backpack – to say the least. Know you are loved and appreciated by many. xoxo

  2. wrennlaw says:

    I love this! I shall be going into a very bluesy old age.

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