Charlottesville Blues

blue crazy 

I’m pleading with the Laziest Gal in Town to give me just one good blog post.

“I’m working on Charlottesville Blues but I can not do it alone.” I tell her.
“Ain’t in the mood,” she says. “Plenty of other words going on, you don’t need mine.”

Problem with Memphis Earlene is that unlike the rest of the gang I didn’t make her up.
She came to me. 

The Blues are terse.
The Blues are true.
The Blues are personal, not political.
For political you need another kind of energy all together–I’m thinking of Nina Simone’s Mississippi Goddamn, which is pure Righteous Rage but also music.

Memphis Earlene doesn’t have that kind of mojo.
What she has is a long memory and the experience, way back, of a proper upbringing, for a few months at least.
That’s why she never calls anyone a Fucking Asshole.
Ignorant on Purpose is how she’d put it.

She’s also not up for differentiating between Anti-Semitism and Racism.

“Iif the Klan is coming at you with Tiki Torches makes no never mind why.”


Before there were Nazis there were Pogroms and Cossacks. Who were like the Klan except better dressed and on horseback.
Also they could dance.


I’m the one who finds the Anti-Semitism worth paying attention to.I get this nice tingle of Schadenfreude every time I think of Jared Kushner and Ivanka.
Mendacity tying itself in knots.

Any Jewish person who suggests in public that Israel could benefit from a little Constructive Criticism gets regularly accused of Jewish Self- Hatred, I’ve noticed.
What could be more Jewish Self-Hating than being on the Nazi side, you’d think.

It’s not the Blues. It’s something else.

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1 Response to Charlottesville Blues

  1. othermail says:

    My comments are: painful and profound.

    I can’t work up the energy to comment too much — I am somewhere between deadened in spirit and on the verge of an anxiety attack……..when T got the Republican nomination, well, that said enough; when he won, that said it all. Now nothing else is much of a surprise. Charlottsville— if T were not in the White House, then it would have been just a small incident on the part of a small number of right wing nuts and then one idiot running his car into a crowd and this really isn’t anything new. The frightening thing is that the POTUS is covering for these folks and demonically promoting their agenda which means it can flourish in the light. Yes, Ivanka and Jared really creep me out; neither one of them are Jewish— not if they can think or know history. Making money is more important than common decency and fairness; tikkun olam is not in their vocabulary. They think they can profit from the devil, control and manipulate the “ base,” and that they are high enough up to be safe from the mob…………

    Maybe this will calm down and we will see that the numbers of the mob are small? We can only hope.


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