Xmas Blues

T’is the day before Christmas and I’ve got the blues.

“No surprise there,” says Memphis Earlene. “Good times to have the Blues include all major holidays. ”

Woke up this morning to the sounds of our Christmas tree falling over. Some of my favorite ornaments broken, including the little blue mermaid . I’d like to blame this on the cats.

young and foolish blue with plant

“Maybe it’s Karma,” says Scarlett, my fashion advisor. “What you get for abandoning your tradition. I don’t see any menorah. ”

“Why, this whole tree is a menorah,” I tell Scarlett.  “Look at all the lights.  And we keep it up for eight days.”

Larry is lapsed Catholic and I’m lapsed Reform Jewish so we celebrate Christmas, the superior holiday in terms of decorating opportunities . By all rights we should be celebrating Festivus, the superior holiday in terms of colorful traditions (the Airing of Grievances! Feats of Strength!) but there’s no place on the traditional aluminum Festivus pole to hang our ever-increasing collection of fabulous ornaments( Mermaids! Flying Cats!).  Every year we buy a few more.

It’s our tradition.

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3 Responses to Xmas Blues

  1. Excellent Earlene! We are all “lapsed” something-or-other. I am a lapsed Republican. Where can I find a flying cat for my humble tree?

  2. Stopping by the open house and delighted to find Scarlett in the room. Hugs to her, and all the characters under your roof! xx

  3. easearle says:

    Memphis, Love your lapsed-holidaze tale here. And thanks for alerting me to Festivus; I’d seen that term online and been puzzled by it; i had no idea it is already gathering its own tacky traditions! Onward to the new year. And remember– real cats are better than fake mermaids!

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