Bookstore Blues and Blues Optimism

Memphis Earlene and I just had coffee with our publisher, Bacon Press Books. Earlene 1

BLUES FOR BEGINNERS: STORIES & OBSESSIONS  by Judith Podell, previously out of print (and highly collectible) is going to be an e-book!

Maybe even available by Christmas.  Certainly by Chinese New Year. Still working out details.  Like the cover art, for instance.

Memphis Earlene wants all the credit, even though I did all the writing.

“I’m practically a brand,” Memphis Earlene says.” You’re just the content producer. What’s your face doing on the cover?”

“ONly as a placeholder. In the final version you’ll be the cover girl,” I explain.


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3 Responses to Bookstore Blues and Blues Optimism

  1. katemahar says:

    How exciting! LOVE Memphis Earlene and wish you the best, Judith. Are these also your illustrations. I have assumed so . . .

  2. Judith this is GREAT news!! Congrats Oh Goddess!! And Sisters doing it for themselves-

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