Blues for Beginners: The Book

Publication date?  Bacon Press Books is shooting for mid  January!!!!!Blues Kindle cover

In preparation for the Virtual Book Tour, Memphis Earlene has graciously agreed to interview me.

Memphis Earlene:  Let’s start with your title, Judith.  No offence, but Blues for Beginners sounds like a self-help manual. What’s the connection between you and the blues.”

JP:  When I was 16 I taught myself how to play Cocaine Blues on the guitar after listening to a  Dave van Ronk record.   That was when the world started opening up to me.   The Sixties. Greenwich Village in the Early Seventies.   Years later some universal laws about the Blues were revealed to me and I wrote them all down.  It was kind of like Joseph Smith and the Angel Moroni, on a smaller scale, no offence.

Memphis Earlene:  You call yourself a comic writer, but you’re not David Sedaris funny.

JP:  (offended) So sorry to disappoint you.

Memphis Earlene:  What I mean is you write lots of lines that are LOL funny but your stories themselves are poignant and moving.  They’re more like real life blues, only with more punchlines.

JP:  These are stories about  searching for love and meaningful employment between 1963 and 1998.  Real life single woman blues.  A guy who was breaking up with me  compared my writing to TV sit com without a laugh track.   He didn’t mean it kindly but he may have been on to something.  Because  a situation comedy in real time with no laugh track, well that’s a good description of life.

Memphis Earlene: Did you really have an affair with a married man when you lived in Greenwhich Village? Did you really have sex in a fallout shelter?  What about those marijuana cookies ?

JP: If I wanted to stick to the facts I’d write memoir, not stories.  I’ve never been in a fall out shelter, for instance, but I once went to an NRA reception.  And I did spend a lot of time in therapy. The old fashioned kind, psychoanalysis, where you lay down on a couch four times a week.

Memphis Earlene:  Aren’t you afraid of being accused of navel-gazing? Self-absorbed? Being whiney?

JP:  No.

(long pause)

Memphis Earlene: You’re  sounding  a little defensive. Do you want to talk about it?

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7 Responses to Blues for Beginners: The Book

  1. Mary Steinberg says:

    Congratulations my friend. Mary from Sweet Home Chicago–sweet home I suppose if it means being surrounded by the Blues.

  2. Congratulations!!! I can’t wait! And, you aren’t David Sedaris funny . . . you’re Judith Podell funny, which is so much better.

  3. katemahar says:

    Congratulations, Judith! Can’t wait to read “Blues for Beginners.” Will provide my own laugh track.

  4. Ann Mintz says:

    I look forward to having hte opportunity to add another Judith Podell opus
    to the collection.

  5. Judith, this is wonderful news – what a great way to start 2013 – publication!! Can’t wait to read it!
    May the New Year bring many blessings and boons from the Publication Goddess!
    Sending much love, XOMargaret

  6. annelaurie56 says:

    Ms. Podell,

    I just read your book on Kindle. I LOVED it. Please be my best friend. Seriously, I could not put it down and when I had to use the facilities, I actually read your book as I walked to and from the bathroom. I left you a five star review under my Tree-Grows-in-Brooklyn alias. Please publish more books – about anything!! I will buy quick as a wink.


    Ann E. Laurie

    P.S. Can a blue-eyed blonde have the blues? If she lives in Chicago?

    • Absolutely, in answer to your question. Bluesworthiness unrelated to hair color or eye color. LOcation, on the other hand, matters.
      Pretty much all of Chicago is scared blues territory—-even the honkey tonks.

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