Blues for Beginners: The Publication Party

You can now buy Blues for Beginners: Stories and Obsession by Judith Podell on Amazon for $2.99.  Also on, if you don’t have a Kindle.

Welcome to our Virtual Publication Party, which is off to a rocky start.

Blues Kindle cover

All my writing life I’ve had this fantasy of being interviewed for the front page of the Post style Section.   The interviewer would ask questions that would make it easy for me to sound cool.    Maybe she’d  start out by saying “I love your shoes.”

Memphis Earlene: “Where do you get off charging $2.95 for such a short book?  It’s only 20,00 words.”

Judith:   (miffed ) “Those are 20,000 well chosen words.  You wouldn’t expect anything blues influenced to go on at length like Tolstoy or David Foster Wallace, for crying out loud.”

Memphis Earlene: ” Someone woke up this morning with a bad case .  What’s got into you?”

Judith:   “Not enough coffee.   We could continue the interview in Starbucks. ”

Starbucks? Might as well suggest a day at the beach to a vampire.

Coffee is not a blues beverage.  Especially not a triple venti mocha with whipped cream on top.

A blues woman gets all the caffein she needs from Coca-Cola.

My license  to sing the blues is temporarily suspended.

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2 Responses to Blues for Beginners: The Publication Party

  1. katemahar says:

    Congratulations, Judith! Will look forward to buying “Blues for Beginners” as soon as I rescue my Kindle from my mother. She was heading to Florida last week for the rest of the winter. I was doing the happy dance. Then the phone rang. Deputy Whosit said she fell boarding her AirTran flight and I could meet her at the emergency room in Akron. A broken shoulder later, we discovered that she couldn’t handle books, but using her free left hand to swipe the screen, she can keep semi-amused using the Kindle. It’s snowing like a bitch. I’m not dancing. Anyway . . . yay, Judith! Maybe I will now be inspired to do a little happy dance for YOU.

  2. easearle says:

    Hi Judith and big congrats– I will get my copy on Amazon ASAP– Cheers to you & Memphis!

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