Advice to a Young Blues Woman

Dear Memphis Earlene,

I’m quitting my IRS job so I can be a full time Blues woman.
What do full-time Blues women wear?
Heather Chang

“Someone had too much fun in a karaoke bar,” says Memphis Earlene. “This is so wrong I don’t know where to begin.”
“I used to work for the IRS. We’re not all soulless drones.”
“That’s the point,” she says. “You don’t quit the day job until the blues starts paying your rent. And what kind of a name is Heather?”
“She’s one of your few fans. So write her back and be nice about it.”

Dear Heather,
Blues women don’t wear suits. If you’re Big Mama Thornton you wear whatever you want. You can’t go wrong if you call yourself Big Mama.
See for yourself. Sincerely, Memphis Earlene Gray

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