Hoodie Blues

I walk the mean streets of  Georgetown with Blues Avatar Memphis Earlene Gray, and Scarlett Ginsburg, who is a dybbuk.  She is  also my fashion advisor.  In a gesture of solidarity  I am wearing the black cashmere hoodie she found for me at Second Chance.She wants a pearl handled  Susan Komen foundation  Hope Edition  pink Walther P-22’s  and a pink cashmere hoodie .

” In Florida I could have shot any any man on the street who hassled me,” I say wistfully.

“Get real,” Memphis Earlene says. “How threatened did you feel in Key West?”

“I’m talking about home,” I say.

Memphis Earlene sees where I’m going with this.

” You don’t shoot some fool who don’t know how to behave in public just because he makes animal noises at you and grabs at your ass,” Memphis Earle says. ” It’s got to be more personal.”

Scarlett weighs in. “If I  was George Zimmerman’s fashion adviser I’d  say ditch the orange shirt.  He should wear plaid.”

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6 Responses to Hoodie Blues

  1. jrocklin says:

    Judith, too, too funny. I love your posts.

  2. Gita says:

    Jewish Girl from Goucher transforms herself into streetwise philosopher with southern-comfort name.. is this a great country or what?

  3. cchasin says:

    I’ve never actually followed a blog before. It will be an interesting new experience.

  4. I’m not real streetwise, Memphis Earlene says, more like sidewalk wise. Hanging out with her is always a humbling experience.

  5. Memphis Earlene and Scarlett are honored to be followed by Cheryl Chasin, who has better things to do with her time.

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