Blues for Beginners: Rousing the Sales Force

“Woke up this morning,…..and went back to sleep”  

That’s the lyrics to Epstein-Barre Blues, written by Memphis Earlene Gray before she turned commercial on me.  She wants her place in Wikipedia, if only as a footnote.

She needs a sales force that’s more blues resistant. Instead she has me.

Memphis Earlene: “We’ve fallen to 378,037th place on Amazon.  Get out of bed and  start selling our e-book.”

Judith:  “Wake me when we hit the seven figure zone.  I’m resting up for the anual AWP Clusterf*ck”

Woke up yesterday morning and rolled on my Kindle  Now it’s dead.  This never happens when  you sit on a book.

Blues Kindle cover

Blues for Beginners: Stories and Obsessions.  Available  on Amazon for $2.99.  Also on, if, like me,  you don’t have a Kindle.






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