Boomer Geezer Blues 2

Memphis Earlene and me back on the Virtual Veranda, all bundled up,  It’s cold outside but we’ve been indoors too long and it’s time to be sociable.  Memphis Earlene still drinking White Russians.  She doesn’t exactly follow the ins and outs of Mueller’s investigation but she gets the gist.  That’s because  we watched Godfather 2 last night.

Nothing beats the Classics for illuminating the present.

“Trump thinks he’s Michael Corleone or even the Godfather himself, but he’s really more like Fredo,” says Memphis Earlene..

Two weeks ago when we watched Cabaret I kept thinking about Charlottesville and Tiki Torches.

Can’t wait to see Casablanca again.

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself,” I tell Memphis Earlene, but I’m saying the words aloud for my own benefit.

Fear makes me stupid and  I’m easy to scare, but I believe in the power of the Blues.

“Don’t worry,” says Memphis Earlene. “It wastes time.”



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3 Responses to Boomer Geezer Blues 2

  1. katemahar says:

    Whether you worry or not, your worry has no effect whatsoever on the outcome. #life’stooshort

  2. Rebekah Presson Mosby says:

    The film references are apt. I’m down with Fredo getting whacked once again.

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