Election Day Blues

Memphis Earlene  heard Obama sing an Al Green song on Oprah and that’s all she needed to know.  Not that she has illusions.

“New Deal ain’t never coming back, not in your lifetime,” Memphis Earlene says. “Water’s gonna rise no matter what.”.

Scarlett  was leaning  towards Romney because that’s who her Daddy would have voted for and she’s sentimental. She’s also fascinated by Ann Romney’s  willingness to take risks.

“Ann should not have worn that black leather suit with short skirt on Jay Leno,  but I love that she tried,” Scarlett says.

I sigh.  It’s been such a long campaign.

“Please don’t hate me because I had a rich Daddy and never had to work for a living,” Scarlett says.

Scarlett’s Daddy did time for stock fraud.  This was back in the Sixties when the SEC still had teeth.

Scarlett’s Daddy was just a little ahead of his times.

So was she.

” If safe legal abortions had been available in 1956 you’d still be alive,” I remind Scarlett. “I’m not the one who hates you, but the Republican party thinks you’re a dead slut who got what she deserved.”

Dybbuks still can’t vote in the District of Columbia. Not that it would have made any difference.  We’re not a battleground state.

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