Paula Broadwell Blues

Schadenfreude does not belong in the Blues.  It’s the emotion I wallow in when Type A show-offs  like Paula Broadwell, get caught making fools of themselves in public.

“What did Paula Broadwell  ever do to you?”Memphis Earlene asks. “You’re not the one having an affair with General Petraeus.”

Point being that the blues are personal.  It’s got to be happening to you, not minor celebrities.

“Blues women mind their own business.  It’s part of the Code,” says Memphis Earlene.

“What about when you’re the other woman and you find out you’ve got competition?” I ask.  “I’d have too much pride to stick around.”

“There’s no shame in making a fool of yourself over some low-down cheating man or woman.  It’s tradition,” says  Memphis Earlene.  “Saint Louis woman with her store bought hair, etc. Frankie and Johnny. Delia, who loved all those rounders”

“So Paula Broadwell has the right to sing the Blues,”  I say, in a sarcastic tone of voice because something seems wrong, in terms of aesthetics if not morality.

Blues morality has  some connection to karma but won’t keep you out of jail.

“Jail is an occupational hazard of the Blues lifestyle,” says Memphis Earlene.” So are crimes of passion.”

Blues aesthetics are rigorous.   You can shoot your rival,  or your cheating lover.  What you can not do is meet him in the morning for a six mile run or send anonymous e-mails.

Running for any reason except to escape for your life has no place in the Blues life style.  Neither does e-mail.







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