Joan Didion Blues


Joan Didion Blues

I’ve always envied Joan Didion for her glamourous life.

Her style, her marriage to a fellow writer who adored her, her ability to walk in high heels.

Like the red sandals with their four inch high heels (Christian Loboutin?) she mentions in Blue Evenings.

The ones she hates giving up because she can no longer walk in them.

I’ve always had to wear sensible shoes and I’m short.

I’ve never been able to wear Christian Laboutins, or Jimmy Choos, or Manola Blahniks.

High heels are integral to glamour.

I’ve always longed for glamour and I’m short.

Do you have any idea how out of the question hard it is for a short woman to achieve glamour in sensible shoes?The best I can hope for is  not to look short and stubby, and not to stand too close to women in high heels, because I’ll feel even shorter and stubbier.

I know she’s been through hell, the past few years so I should let go of those red high heels.Besides I have the important part : shared life with the love of my life and a nice apartment.

At least for now.

Even without high heels Joan Didion still has glamour

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2 Responses to Joan Didion Blues

  1. rspencer30 says:

    Stop it, just stop it! I get jealous of short women whenever I think of their small feet. I just don’t think you have the same problem finding shoes as us 5’10” Amazons! 🙂

  2. Actually every woman has the same problem buying shoes, which is that the shoes you want are never availailable in the size you want and always available in the size you just grew out of but can no longer wear without resource to painkillers.
    This holds true from size 6 to size 11. It is the iron law of the Shoe Universe.

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