Shopping Blues

Memphis Earlene and I are in New York City for the Weekend, and I am taking her shopping, which means a whirlwind tour of Second Hand and Consignment Stores.  At Angel St. (118 W. 17th) we bought 10 hair bands because they were only a dollar apiece and they were the only thing we could fit into. Lots of cool looking clothes, none larger than size 6.

Uptown, Designer Consigner prices seemed astronomical, but I managed to find a few things in my size, a sort of largish medium in real life.

“That’s a lot of money to spend on used underwear,” Memphis Earlene said, regarding the  Prada T-shirt I almost bought for $80.

It was time to visit the Museum of  Modern Fashion aka Barney’s.  This year Barney’s famous Christmas window display has a Lady Gaga theme, as do the Barney’s shopping bags.  If you’re not a fan the connection between Lady Gaga and Christmas seems strained.    At the BArney’s Coop Shoe sale I wept to see shoes I adored and could almost afford.  None in size 9. This seems to be an ironclad law of the universe: there is always a tremendous selection of shoes in the size you used to wear, back when you never could find shoes in your size.

At the Barney’s Coop Underwear Sale I ran slightly amok over joyed at finding things I could fit into.  Memphis Earlene made gagging noises when she saw the tab.

“Investment purchases,” I told her.  “And actually, I’ve saved a lot of money once you take into account the original prices for those ten headbands I bought at Angel Street.”




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2 Responses to Shopping Blues

  1. C.M.W. says:

    Keep the shopping updates coming!

  2. Yesterday I bought a pair of sparkly gold and black tights from Spanx, en route to a Christmas party. Two comments: one on the dress, one on the tights. They don’t call them foundation garments for nothing!

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