Shopping Blues Deux

Some rescue shelter dogs and feral cats.   I rescue  fashion mistakes.
Right now I’m wearing  a previously owned Yohji Yamamoto woolen sundress I found at Second Chance, Bethesda for a fraction of the original cost.
It’s two shade of brown, like a Siamese cat.
You can wear a dress like this and blend in New York City but it stands out as “different” in Washington DC.   It’s too avant garde for the office and not telegenic.  And no one wears brown wool in the summer, which seems to start sooner and end later every year.
Memphis Earlene likes the new rescue .
” Now you won’t look all covered in cat-hair after Cosmo sits on your lap.”
Scarlett, my fashion advisor, thinks the dress is pretty ugly.
“Maybe it’s an ugly dress to you but I feel pretty in it,” I explain.
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1 Response to Shopping Blues Deux

  1. I’m with Memphis Earlene. Tell Scarlet to go do her own shopping.

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