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Blues Entitlement

 Yes, there’s a difference between the blues and plain old self-pity.    You have the right to sing the blues if you work for Wal-mart. You have a right to sing the blues if you ain’t got no home in this … Continue reading

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DMV Blues Part Deux

Tough love from Blues Legend Memphis Earlene was yesterday.  Today it’s time for Franco-Therapy. Everything’s better in France, especially if you’re an Older Woman, according to Scarlett, my fashion consultant.  Everything improves when translated into the French version. She’s back … Continue reading

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Bookstore Blues

The place that used to be Barnes and Noble in Georgetown is now Nike.  How ironic, since Barnes and Noble, in combination with now defunct Borders Books, killed off most of Washington DC’s independent bookstores. There is one bookstore left … Continue reading

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The Writing Blues in French

“Woke up this morning with the unpublished writers blues. No point tryin’ when you’re born to lose.” You gotta suffer if you want to sing the blues. It’s the law. Memphis Earlene doesn’t think I’m doing it right. ” You … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary Blues

My blog is one year old today.  I want to celebrate with a cup cake from our neighborhood bakery, but no one’s in a festive mood. “If it was your blog it would have your name on it, not mine, … Continue reading

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February Blues

Got no money but I’m wearing Gucci Shoes/ Got no money but I’m wearing Gucci Shoes./ Been to Filene’s Basement. Done shopped away the blues. It’s the middle of February and I have the Blues. Filene’s Basement is dead and … Continue reading

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Savage Homecoming

Memphis Earlene and I got bumped up to Business class on the flight home from France. Unlike me she’s hard to impress. “Yeah, the seats are bigger, the drinks are free, and they serve better food. But it’s still airplane … Continue reading

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